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These shoes spoke to me the minute I laid eyes on them.  I love the feminine feel of the Toile fabric and  delicate bows on the peep-toes.  “Toile de Jouy” abbreviated to the common term of Toile, is a clasic fabric consisting of a repeated pattern depicting a fairly complex scene, printed in a single color traditionally on a white or off-white background.  Originally produced in Ireland in the 18th Century.  This fabric quickly became popular in Britain and France and was primarily used for decorating.  Previously only used for decorating, fashion designers have been incorporating Toile into their designs and it makes the occasional appearance into our wardrobes.

Shoes:Christian Dior  footstool:Little Castle

patterned slingbacks I love

here, here and here

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  1. stephanie says:

    Such beautiful shoes! :)

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