Do you have Dry Hair?

Dry Hair?

Do you have dry, brittle, lack luster hair, like me?  Since I have long  super thick hair it has been a challenge and love hate relationship my entire life.

I often feel like no matter what I do my hair remains dry and brittle.  Which causes my hair to break and split and it’s always worse in the winter.  Cold temperatures, wind and snow can wreak your hair.  What’s a girl to do?

Have you tried:

  1. Washing and rinsing with warm not hot water
  2. Not piling your hair on the top of your head
  3. only washing your hair 2-3 xs a week

But nothing seems to help with your dry hair?

jose eber


For me the answer to dry hair has been a deep conditioning hair mask.  The one I like the best is the Jose Eber Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.

Sulfate and Paraben free and infused with Aragan oil

Its easy to use and smells so good.


After washing your hair while in the shower (or out if you prefer ) with your hair still wet open the package and gently spread out the hair mask.

place over your head and tuck all of your hair inside the mask.  If you have long hair like I do twist it into a loose french twist and tuck inside the mask

Once hair is all inside and the mask is in a great position (think shower Cap) peel the sticker and secure the mask to hold in place

gently massage your hair to work all this goodness completely into your hair

wait 20 min and rinse hair completely

style as usual

Simple and easy and the results are amazing

Jose Eber  has been an icon in hair styling for 4 decades.   A best selling author and Celebrity hair stylist having styled Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, Farrah Fawcett and many other celebrities.  He’s a leading authority in Hair care.

Go online and visit Jose and receive 60% off clearance items when you use the code JODIHAIR.

Thank you Jose Eber for sponsoring this post

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