Madison’s Secret Code

madison secret code

The statistics are staggering!  When you start to examine the numbers closely it makes you stop and think…In the US women hold less than 25% of STEM (science,technology, engineering and math) related jobs.  After it’s peak in 1991 at just … Read More

Wooden Grove

wooden grove

I’m sure each and everyone of us remembers marking their bedroom wall with a notch and date each time they grew any small measurable amount.   We did this for Tutu as well but sadly we have moved several times … Read More

Beach Ready

Penelope Lane

With summer right around the corner and beach season upon us Tutu will be living in these adorable lace and pom pom trimmed cover ups.  She hasn’t wanted to take them off since we opened the box.  Tutu has enjoyed … Read More

Pretty Princess

ella bows

This year I have decided to support more local, small businesses and women owned companies.  There are so many reasons why I would want to do this but one of the best reasons I can think of is uniqueness.  I … Read More

Peachy Keen

two twin

    Mommy and me peach dresses I love the days I can convince Tutu to dress in a mommy and me look.  Lets be honest I love the days Tutu lets me have any say in what she is … Read More

Dots and Knots

dots and knots dress

  Happy Memorial Day A special Thank You to those who have served and sacrificed for our Country  we are forever in your debt. dress:Dots and Knots c/o  culottes:Persnickety  shoes:Kid Express  sunglasses:Gymboree  bag:Gap kids

Ruffles galore

kate spade stripe

   Since the age of 3 sTutu has expressed clear ideas of what she will and won’t wear.  I was not expecting her to develop such a strong sense of self so quickly and it’s been hard for me to … Read More

floral and dots

halabaloo 3

Another Mommy Daughter post today.  Tutu dressed herself and was ready and willing to take photos.  She certainly has the poses down and I had the hardest time not laughing while we were shooting. Tutu wearing Dress:Halabaloo  Sweater:Persnickety I”m wearing … Read More

Girly Girl

molo tutu 9

  The ultimate girly girl Tutu loves all things feminine.  Twirly skirts, shoes and her own handbags so she was thrilled with her new tutu.  It ticked all her required boxes purple, as of today no longer her favorite color, … Read More


leopard smiles 2

  Mommy and me in Leopard print today. Tutu and I both have a love of pattern mixing  and when I suggested we wear a little bit of leopard she chose chevron print and I chose stripes to pair with … Read More