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Tubby Todd Bath Soap, Baby Essentials, Pregnant Mommy Essentials

Buddhi Baby Gift Box, Nursing cover, Blanket, scarf, Nursing Tea, Baby Leggings, Teething Bracelet, Pacifer Clip, Baby Essentials, Pregnant Mommy Essentials

Alice & Ivory photos, "I love you to the moon & Back, Baby Essentials, Pregnant Mommy Essentials

Covered Goods, Nursing cover, Scarf, Blanket, Car Seat Cover, Baby Essentials, Pregnant Mommy Essentials

Happy Baby Wrap, Baby Essentials, Pregnant Mommy Essentials

Saranoni Blanket, Baby Essentials, Pregnant Mommy Essentials

Saranoni blanket, Tubby Todd Bath Soap, Alice & Ivory "I Love you to the moon & Back, Happy Baby Wrap, Buddhi Baby gift boxes, Covered Goods nursing & Car seat cover, Baby Essentials, Pregnant Mommy Essentials

My little sister is pregnant with her first child.  I understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be at times there because there are so many products on the market so I decided to put together a Baby Essentials Gift for her baby shower.  What are the essentials?  What are the must haves?

Tubby Todd Bath Soap: Made with all natural ingredients this soap is hypoallergenic, & has no artificial fragrances.  This is the perfect soap for sensitive baby skin.  With so many products on the market it’s hard to choose which one to use.  Unfortunately  a lot of them have additives and ingredients that can irritate baby’s skin.  Tubby Todd is the perfect all natural product. Visit the shop and check out their new products as well on their website, instagram, facebook, twitter, & pinterest. c/o

Alice & Ivory: Every nursery needs some adorable artwork hung on the wall.   Alice & Ivory is an adorable Instagram shop full of gorgeous prints that she designs herself. I’m sure you will be able to find one that will fill your every need.  This shop has sales on Wednesday and Thursday as well so make sure to check out their Instagram feed. You can find this print on her instagram. c/o

Covered Goods: Nursing a baby can be hard at times and the moment that you need to do it in public can be very scary & stressful.  Covered Goods is the perfect option for nursing moms.  It has all over coverage, covering the back, front, & sides, never letting you being exposed.  It can be used as a scarf or a car seat cover it’s made from a comfortable & breathable material that is stretchy so your baby can’t kick or pull the cover off. It’s fast to put on and take off making it convenient to use. Find their collection at their website, instagram, pinterest, & facebook. c/o

Happy Baby Wrap: New born babies seem to be people magnets and are flocked to in public places.  When you carry your baby close and tight to you it helps to keep people from unwanted touching.  It is also perfect when trying to get things done and your baby is wanting to be held.  Happy Baby wraps are hypoallergenic offer uv protection & are made from ultra soft eco-friendly bamboo. This wrap can accommodate babies from premies all the way up to 25lbs. Find the whole line at their website, instagram, twitter, & facebook. c/o

Saranoni Blanket: A soft snuggly blanket is a must have.  During the fall and winter months this becomes an essential. These blankets are perfect for a good swaddle or a soft place for some “tummy time.”   Saranoni blankets are the perfect snuggly blanket available in many sizes and perfect for anyone in the family. Saranoni blankets are available at their website, instagram, twitter, facebook, & pinterest. c/o

Buddhi Baby: Sometimes its hard to pick the perfect gift for a new mom but Buddhi Baby has taken the guessing part out of the equation. They have gathered together lots of different options for a gift box full of goodies.  These items have been loved and truly used by the mothers at Buddhi Baby. They offer plenty of different options and price ranges so you can always find something that will fit your needs. See all the amazing gift options at their website, instagram, twitter, facebook, & pinterest. c/o

Thank you so much to Tubby Todd & Saranoni for sponsoring this giveaway and to all the other companies for contributing such great products to my Baby Essential List. Even if you don’t have any children you will want to try this bath soap out on yourself, enter below:

Baby Shower Tubby Todd & Saranoni Receiving Blanket

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12 Responses to Baby Shower Essentials & Giveaway

  1. Nice giveaway, Jody! Have a good weekend:)

  2. Michelle O. says:

    Wow, you spoiled that mom to be. What a great giveaway as well. I have been hearing about Tubby Todd a lot lately from bloggers. I would love to win this. All these products are great though, I’d love to receive any of them as a mommy.
    xx Michelle O.

  3. buddhiBaby says:

    We are honoured to be included with such amazing companies! Congratulations to your little sister on such an exciting and amazing adventure. Hurray for Aunties!

  4. Reni says:

    Absolutely adore these goodies!

  5. Sarah Ann Dela Cruz says:

    I’m most excited about the Saranoni blanket. I’m a blankey lover!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    What an amazing set up, your sister is one lucky girl. Love all those products. They are all adorable and I love that they are small businesses. Great way to support.

  7. Tanya Portillo says:

    I’d love to win a covergood!

  8. RJ says:

    I would love to have received the Happy Baby wrap.

  9. Lora Frausto says:

    What an adorable giveaway! I have heard great things about tubby todd bath co. and covered goods!

  10. Ashley Bree Perez says:

    I am excited about the Saranoni blanket . :)

  11. Stacey Ann Turner says:

    What a great giveaway and blog! I’ve been really wanting to try some of these products!

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