Blue light therapy with Poly Go

Poly go 1

  As a mother I feel like my own needs are most often last priority.  But if I don’t feel good how can I do what I need to do as a mother?  So this year I’ve decided to focus a … Read More

Stripes and Studs


Not all who wander are lost….J.R.R Tolken   I’m not sure if it’s my Canadian roots or just my love of fabrics and clothing in general but I love winter clothing.  I love it for the different textures the luxuriousness … Read More

Ten things every kitchen should have

le creuset

I know it’s silly but every time I visit family (sorry Mom) I realize that not all kitchens are stocked equally.  I have to admit that I struggle to bake or cook in other peoples homes.  There are things I … Read More

Do you have Dry Hair?

Dry hair

Dry Hair? Do you have dry, brittle, lack luster hair, like me?  Since I have long  super thick hair it has been a challenge and love hate relationship my entire life. I often feel like no matter what I do … Read More

Vanilla Poached pears & Gingerbread Cake

Amoretti vanilla

Like Fall fashion with jeweled tones and heavier fabrics, the arrival of cold weather brings rich, hearty foods.  Comfort foods appear and spices become more prevalent.   I’ve finally decided to do some Holiday baking.   The first thing that came to … Read More

5 reason’s I love my Valentino Rockstuds

Valentino rockstud pump

Why I love my Rockstuds?  That is a great question and one that my husband has no doubt asked himself multiple times.  Rockstuds, Rockstuds and more Rockstuds! What most of you don’t know is that I have worked in retail … Read More

Madison’s Secret Code

madison secret code

The statistics are staggering!  When you start to examine the numbers closely it makes you stop and think…In the US women hold less than 25% of STEM (science,technology, engineering and math) related jobs.  After it’s peak in 1991 at just … Read More

Growth Chart from Wooden Grove

wooden grove

Customized Growth Chart I’m sure each and everyone of us remembers marking their bedroom wall with a notch and date each time they grew any small measurable amount.   We did this for Tutu as well but sadly we have … Read More

Beach Ready

Penelope Lane

With summer right around the corner and beach season upon us Tutu will be living in these adorable lace and pom pom trimmed cover ups.  She hasn’t wanted to take them off since we opened the box.  Tutu has enjoyed … Read More

Take Me Back

take me Back

dress:ALC  sweater:Theory, similar and here, here boots:Chanel  clutch:Valentino  sunglasses:Dior beanie:ASOS nail polish:OPI Love mixing textures and fabrics and winter could be my favorite season to do so.  I love this lighter airy dress paired with a classic fisherman style sweater and a … Read More